What can be considered Yoga?

Yoga can only be considered yoga when the effort and focus is on the inner space, the internal. This is what a careful study of the practices of yoga from numerous approaches, which are often called separate traditions, has revealed very clearly through one uniting source by the teachings of Patanjali. This is not merely about noticing inner feelings, but a particular connection with inner processes, through which one is actually moved or touched, but not by sensual input alone, or in some cases not even at all. Pranayama has been recommended as a key technique to touch the inner space, if done correctly and affirmed by Patanjali. Additionally, completely honest and open self-reflection, sel

Breath of Life

Don't underestimate the power of your breath when you learn how to switch your breathing from shallow to deep diaphragmatic breathing, it has immense benefits for body and mind. This workshop is aimed at complete beginners but also it is perfect for teachers wanting to deepen their knowledge. Pranayama reduces anxiety, depression insomnia, production of stress hormones and increases a sense of peacefulness towards yourself and others. This workshop will give you all the tools you need to begin everyday with some simply breathwork, progressing onto simple Pranayama. The practice of Pranayama; the ability to prolong and control the physical act of breathing, it is deeply therapeutic, and can b

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