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Vicki Shields Founder & Senior Teacher

I set up Ashtanga Yoga Manchester in 2007 to teach an holistic approach to Ashtanga Yoga  (the 8 limbed approach) and make it accessible to all bodies.  Yoga has helped me to be more accepting of myself and accepting of this moment. By connecting with breath and body, Yoga can help us to  move effortlessly through the obstacles on and off the mat. In this way it becomes a vehicle for transformation a tool for change.The combination of breath and movement allowed greater clarity and it brought greater focus to my creative work.


I have studied with the world's leading authorities on Ashtanga and HathaYoga including studying in Mysore with Pattabhis Jois and I am now a direct student of Sri OP Tiwari one of the few remaining Yogic Masters and sources on authentic teachings of the science and philosophy of Hatha Yoga and Pranayama in the world today. I have spent over 14 years going deeper into the study of the breath &   Pranayama and Classical Yogic Philosophy.  The awesome simplicity of the breath has lead me to become a dedicated practitioner, a daily Pranayama and meditation practice guides both my daily life and my teaching.

I feel very blessed to have two amazing teachers whose knowledge, love and direction has given me both a deep insight into classical Yoga and it’s approach to overcoming the limitations of the mind. I use my experience from my daily yoga practice to connect with and facilitate students on their journey, allowing each person to practice to their own level and reach their potential.


My practice and teaching has been inspired by many world class teachers, Richard Freeman in particular allowed me to see beyond the physical and western interpretation of Yoga, beyond the confines of the ego. Respect and gratitude to Paul Dallaghan and Sri. O.P. Tiwariji.

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