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"We go through the breath to channel the behaviour of the mind"
( citta vrtti) - O. P. Tiwari

Pranayama is the extension or expansion of the vital energy or life force and refers quite literally to the breath. The techniques of pranayama provide the method by which the life force can be activated and regulated. This practice helps to develop emotional strength and balance, moving beyond limited and conditioned thinking. The extension of breath manages the internal pressures of the body and affects the nervous energy and consciousness. This practice under the guidance of a experienced teacher can stimulate potential energy and awaken kundalini, which lies dormant at the base of the spine. Asana aids this process and builds a strong foundation in the pelvic floor and helping the body to be free form pain. This practice strengthens the nerves, which-when practiced consistently over time-leads to greater control of the senses, as well as a calmer, clearer mind and a great ability to handle stress in all situations.

We go through the breath to channel the behaviour of the mind ( citta vrtti) - O. P. Tiwari

If you would like to learn more about the breath why not come to one of our 'Breath of Life' or 'Breathe and Connect' Workshops see our workshop page for details.

Private Pranayama sessions can be taught please contact Vicki or Sammy-Jo for more information.

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