What they think of Ashtanga Yoga Manchester

I’ve been practicing with Vicki for the past two years. I turned up as a raw beginner to Tuesdays Mysore class of experienced yogis as it was the only one I could get to. I was instantly welcomed into the fold and have been on my journey ever since. When I started I was the least flexible person in the room. Still am. Vicki is an amazing teacher, she brings a sense of humour and a wealth of knowledge. There’s no dogmatic approach, we’re encouraged to make the practice our own, there’s always a version of the pose to make it accessible to you. To suit your body.


I didn’t  start the classes to begin any particular journey, but what I ended up getting out of them was simply amazing. If you’d told the very cynical me about how I’d feel, I’d never have believed you.


I was looking for something that would help me escape for an hour or so each week. Long story short, my wife had breast cancer and had just started chemo. The emotional fallout of dealing with young kids and a very sick wife was taking its toll. I was falling apart whilst trying to hold family, work, everything together. I’d been beating myself up in the gym and that wasn’t helping. I started the yoga classes with no expectations beyond doing something different, and instantly found some peace and contentment. It truly saved me at a time when I really needed it


I love these classes. Come and try them, it could change your life. 




After a few years of Ashtanga, I discovered Vicki’s Saturday morning Mysore classes and now after 2 years of making myself get up; there is no better start to the weekend! You feel so rewarded and balanced after a focused practice with subtle, yet deep adjustments. Having established a steady primary series, Vicki continues to add layers of improvement to certain poses and is guiding with great knowledge through the intermediate series. You feel very looked after and she gives each student attention as if it was a one-to-one


I love the pace of Vicki’s self-practice classes. She is a skilled and intuitive teacher and so tuned in to each of her students that when I am there I feel like I am in a one to one session. With her expert guidance I discovered that I was able to move beyond where I thought I was, and beyond what my body thought it was capable of! If you’d like to raise your self-practice to the next level, I suggest you drop in to one of Vicki’s classes and discover what’s possible for you.

STEVE BARNES Founder, Feeling Current

Ashtanga yoga has changed my life. Before yoga I was so nervous, angry and getting upset very quickly for different reasons. I just was angry with people too. I tried different type of activities to get the stress/angriness out of my system but nothing really interested me so much and did not stick to any of it. I thought of doing yoga but always thought it's not for me as I'm not very calm person. And then I found your classes  by accident really and I thought I give it a go and that was the best thing I ever did. Finally I found something where I could relax, calm and stop my thoughts and just became peaceful. I'm calmer and more peaceful person I don't get upset that quickly anymore and started to appreciate more things that I have in my life. The most important thing I'm happier than ever. I learnt to just let go things and not pay unnecessary attention to it. I still have a long progress to go but I'm just glad that I found your classes and will continue to practice yoga as it gives me the benefits I need. So thank you Vicki you are great teacher and I like the way you talk to us and teach us.



I am 68 years old and started coming to vicki’s classes 4 years ago as a complete beginner. I now attend Tuesdays 7.30 class and have now progressed to the the mysore (self practice sessions) on Saturdays in Hale.I am getting on in years and suffered one minor injury after another, that was until I started regular yoga practices. I don’t get anything like the number of injuries these days, and my back and knees are greatly improved. I also have chronic heart disease, and the breathing exercises are particularly beneficial in this respect. I recommend these classes because the teaching is unhurried and sympathetic to the individual’s needs. I especially like the self practice sessions, where help and guidance is there as you need it, I find these sessions particularly refreshing, both physically and spiritually. Since starting attending Vicki’s classes I feel a lot better in myself physically and more relaxed mentally. The teaching is first rate, and Vicki modifies the poses to suit my particular needs, which has helped me progress at my own pace. The classes are a very enjoyable experience, which I look forward to each week.



I have been taking classes with Vicki for just over a year, having had her recommended to me by a teacher on a Yoga holiday in Italy (which was my first experience of yoga!). Vicki places great emphasis on focussing on the breath which really enables us all to move deeper into the postures and gain real benefit, both emotionally and physically.The concentration she encourages on breathing in both (Tuesdays and her Mysore classes) – this simple activity which we all do every day without even thinking about it! – really does help the mind to clear, and brings a new level of clarity and focus. I usually arrive at class dashing from work or some appointment, and by the end of the hour and half, I am in a totally different place, and work issues are a million miles away! The benefits from Vicki’s classes are therefore physical AND mental.. a delight!



Many thanks for the recent yoga/relaxation sessions that you that you ran, as part of our Health and Safety Week. For many, this was their first taste of yoga and talking with them afterwards, everybody seemed to get something from the sessions. The combination of stretching exercises and breathing techniques worked very well. Some of the employees have physical jobs and they found the combination of stretching and relaxing techniques very beneficial, especially on the back, shoulder and neck areas.Some employees stated that the sessions helped them feel relaxed and more able to tackle the rigours of the day. The importance of the breathing techniques and the effects that they can have on your feelings featured high on the feedback.All commented how well that they slept on the evening after the session.The sessions were a great success and your content and approach was just right. Again many thanks for your input and enthusiasm, it was very much appreciated.


 Health and Safety Officer, M&I Materials,Trafford Park ManchesterI