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Sammy-Jo Scarbrough-Lang Teacher 

I began my yoga journey in 2009 practising Ashtanga Vinyasa and in 2016 I was introduced to breath work, kriyas and pranayama practice under the guidance of my teacher Vicky Shields (direct student of Sri OP Tiwariji). Through these practices I have developed a greater awareness of the effect the breath has on the mind and body. Through regular implementation of these practices I have developed a more rounded and nourishing personal yoga practice for the mind and body, which has improved my overall health and well-being.

I began my teaching journey in 2015 as I realised I wanted to share these great practices and benefits with others and following completion of my first 200 hours yoga teacher training I began to share my love of yoga to groups and individuals. My background as a Registered Nurse in Learning Disabilities has meant that through my work as an Assistant Director of Operations in Social Interest Company, I have been able to share techniques and practices with individuals with a variety of needs and those employed to support them, which has supported them to develop skills and build resilience in their daily life. I also enjoy sharing the practices and knowledge with my children, nieces, nephews and my grandchild bringing joy and techniques which are beneficial to living a balanced life.

As my learning has continued through additional training with a variety of practitioners, the exploration of the 8 limbs and philosophy of yoga I have been able to develop my yoga practice and now yoga is part of my day to day life. Only through my own experience of living and practicing yoga have I been able to share this knowledge and practices in a genuine and sincere way. 

Through my classes I aim to give people practices and knowledge to help them gain greater awareness of themselves (body and mind). I do this by supporting people to work with the breath, safely finding alignment, balance and focus both in their practice and day to day life.

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