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Open the Hips & Release the Psoas

This Months month's Masterclassis focused on opening the hips and releasing the psoas muscle, The Psoas is one of the longest muscles in the body and by far the most important component of our deep internal core. A healthy psoas is the key to both structural physical ability and our emotional health. Finding and releasing the psoas will bring new freedom, ease, and structural integrity to your practice.Creating balance in the pelvis, the centre of our creativity. The psoas muscle works with the buttock muscles to stabilise the pelvis. Its tightness or weakness effects how we stand physically and emotionally.Explore the Psoas and find out how to test if is tight or imbalanced and what steps to take to relieve pain and bring you back to balance.The Ashtanga Vinyasa sequence is a very intelligent form of exercise which opens the body pose by pose, helping to detoxify and to purify the entire nervous and circulatory systems. The repetition of the sequence gives us a discipline that helps to train the mind to move into a moving meditation. It makes the body strong and the mind clear.Perfect for beginners. £15 if booked before £20 on the day

Sunday, March 20th 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Inhale Yoga Studio 17 Cecil Road, WA15 9NZ Hale, Cheshire,

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