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The Sun is Shinning - Be Illuminated Through Your Yoga Practice ☀️

The sun is shining, so it's time to tap into and absorb the wonderful life and light energy which surrounds us everyday even when it is hidden or clouded and is unable to shine as bright as it is today. The sun is our life force and provides light energy to us and everything around us. The sun, supports plants to photosynthesize and produce oxygen for us to breathe, providing us with the life force energy for us to be sustained through breath, food, earth and water.

Light has long been a symbol of consciousness and illumination, and the opposition between light and darkness has informed the spiritual world of people accross almost every belief system through time and space. The connection between the sun and the divine appears throughout yoga traditions, and any yogi, ancient or modern, will be familiar with sun salutations, an offering of gratitude to the sun for the life-giving solar energy. Through our asanas, it is said to be offering salutation to the divine, represented here by the sun, as a source of light, removing the darkness of a clouded mind.

So roll out your mat, connect with the sun through your practice, drawing the energy inwards connecting through the pelvis down to your feet and into the earth through the breath, through your Asana, through your body and mind. Nourish, rejuvenate and allow yourself to blossom and grow.

If you would like to practice with Ashtanga Yoga Manchester please visit our classes and workshop page to practice with us.

Namaste Sammy-Jo, Vicki and Janine 🙏


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