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Moved by Life

With Vicki Shields (SYT)

and Sarah Pike

Sunday Aug 5th 10:00am - 3:30pm £45

Grasmere The lake District

(meet at swan inn car park at 9.30am short walk to yurt full details on booking)

'Dissolving the boundaries between body, breath and the ever flowing movement of life.'

Come and join Sarah and Vicki to open body and breath to awaken the experience of self through all the senses. What better setting than the surroundings of mountains and lakes in a beautiful yurt, where you can leave behind your daily stress to experience a poetic ecology of sensation and presence.

You will explore somatic awareness of how the body moves. Observing action and re action of the body and the interconnectedness of every part, deepening a relationship with what is actual and therefore our sense of presence and wholeness.

This workshop will provide you with the tools to open the breath and body and untie all those mental knots, allowing you to journey graciously into inner space and well being.

* Detailed guidance of how to open the breath

* Shifting the activity of the nervous system from sympathetic fight or flight to deep relaxed parasympathetic mode as the body comes alive with the breath we can align this with postural yoga from inside out.

* Working with the bandhas to 'seal' life force energy

* Exploring our relationship to gravitational pull and postural alignment to strengthen asana practice

The breath is key to taking the attention inwards not a mysterious practice with promises of extra-ordinary experiences but something ordinary that brings you right back to the present moment with full awareness. Over time it leads to an awakening of the subtle energy at the core of the body. The practice of both pranayama and asana can then develop the art of listening to the breath and giving space to the currents of prana or sensations that move through the body as a process of deep enquiry that supports us in liberating from the chains of conditioned thinking.

bring and share lunch.

Cost: £45.00 for the day

please email

Vicki Shields

Vicki Shields founder of Ashtanga Yoga Manchester comes together with Sarah Pike a qualified Zen Yoga Flow instructor & is currently undertaking a MA in Dance and Somatic Well - Being at UCLAN. A qualified teacher in Yoga Dance and holds an Advanced Diploma in counselling, 7307 Teachers Certificate alongside a BA Hons in Fine Art. She has a passion for dissolving the boundaries between yoga, dance and the breath.

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