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Breath of Life

What if you could establish yourself in a state of tranquility so deep that nothing in life could ever disturb you? We may think that we could never achieve a constant state of tranquility but we need not underestimate the power of our breath. We just need to look at the science of the breath that tells us 'breath and mind are connected' so when you learn how to switch our breathing from shallow to deep diaphragmatic breathing, it results in a calming of the thoughts. Why? because by consciously breathing from our diaphragms and letting go of the tension in the upper abdomen we switch the nervous system, from fight or flight response to a calmer 'parasympathetic' mode. Fuller, deep breathing can then better manage the internal pressure and toning of the pelvic floor. In turn maintaining the integrity of all internal organs the digestive system, reducing stress to the heart support to the muscles of the back, and in turn reduction of anxiety.

Regular attention to your breath in this way could transform the time you spend on your yoga mat. The practice of asana then becomes a means to cultivate this attention and prepare you for further practices as in meditation . Focusing on your breath takes you inwards, not a mysterious practice with promises of extra ordinary experiences, but something ordinary that brings you right back to the present moment with full awareness, a meditative experience. The result is life just gets simpler.


MAY 12 & 13TH



SATURDAY 10.30 - 3PM £40

SUNDAY 10.30 - 3PM £40

This workshop is aimed at complete beginners but also it is perfect for teachers and is now accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals as one of their Advancement Trainings please see our website for details

We will start with how to open the Breath with specific detail on reducing tension in the abdomen and jaw progressing to simple Pranayama. Those who have been practicing some time can look to deepen their practice.

Saturday's afternoon session will look more deeply into the science and philosophy with Q and A on Sunday afternoon. There will also be mantra recitation and restorative Hatha Yoga asana related to reducing stress on the nervous system. Directly passed onto me from Yogic Master Sri OP Tiwariji from the Kaivalydhama India.

Please email if you would like to

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