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Evolving Yoga in Manchester

Have you ever considered taking your yoga practice deeper or even thought about sharing the benefits of Yoga with others?

Ever wondered what the rich philosophical approach to this ancient practice is really all about?

Why does Yoga work on both the physical and psychological level?

Yoga can build both inner and outer strength, it helps us to become more focused more present, without the anxiety of the past or concerns of the future, from mind - full to mind-less. It then leads us on a journey of deep enquiry into how we can live together more harmoniously.​

Yoga helps us to connect with ourselves, it's a tool for transformation and an agent for change, not just on an individual level but it has a message for humanity as a whole.

We are now delivering a 200 hours Teacher Training certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals in Manchester, Evolve Yoga Training serves both as a year long intensive, strengthening your own practice, as well as a foundation for teaching yoga to beginners

Where will this happen? Right here in the tranquil village of Hale at Inhale Yoga Studio on the outskirts of Manchester. There is also a week long intensive in a stunning lakeside setting in Snowdonia.

Evolve Yoga Training covers yoga in its entirety. It's training begins with you and the development of a yoga practice personalised for you. Our teachers have been immersed in the classic traditional teachings from India in the field of Yoga and Meditation .They have spent decades in dedicated study and practice, they have assisted alongside some of the greatest teachers in the world and are dedicated to sharing their experience and love for yoga as a way of life.

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