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Yoga Fundamentals

THURSDAYS 6:45pm -7:45pm

This 6 week Course starts Thursday 30th June at 6.45pm-7.45pm at Inhale Yoga Studio 17, Cecil Road Hale WA15 9NZ

The Course will build your strength, flexibility and connection to breath. It is open to complete beginners and will challenge and build any yoga practice with depth and integrity. The course will use the Vinyasa system using breath combined with movement to build core stability and alignment. Refining the breath helps to relax the mind and open the body from inside out. Inspired by the Ashtanga Vinyasa Method using the intelligence of the sequence that opens the body pose by pose. Taught with expertise and an element of fun and a light hearted approach. Themes will cover;*Shoulder strength and stability *Opening up the Hips *Core connection & Strength* Arm Balances* Opening the spine *Relaxation & Meditation

Yoga is a slow evolution and in time you will notice changes in body and mind .The course helps with commitment and focus, helping you build on your practice week by week, the course will then grow with you. Everyone will get personal attention and can email if you have any specific questions regarding what you may be experiencing.. As I explained many times to students , some postures can take years to master some have taken me many years to achieve some I still present obstacles, this is Yoga! £48 for 6 weeks or You can still drop-in to this class £9 if there is space last two course have been fully book

This course is the perfect introduction to Self Practice which is Self Practice is the traditional form of teaching the Ashtanga Yoga method, which is a sequence of postures linked together with a continuous breath. Rather than following the instructions of a teacher, you practice at your own pace whilst the teacher gives individual guidance and adjustments to each student where necessary.

The benefit of having a sequence means you open the body safely with one to one guidance that is impossible in a regular class situation. Vicki will encourage you to challenge yourself while focusing on staying conscious of your body’s strengths and limits and making good decisions based on the present moment. She has been teaching this method here in Manchester since 2007 and was instrumental in setting up Manchester’s first self practice classes, she has taught in Europe and at the world renowned Samahita Retreat on Teacher Trainings and daily classes.

Self Practice Classes ( Mysore Style) run every Saturday Morning at Inhale Yoga studio at 10.15 am see our website for more details or call Vicki on 07957361034

Inhale Yoga Studio 17, Cecil Road Hale WA15 9NZ

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