If Yoga is to surrender, how can we truly let go

How do we let go of situations in our life that feel racked with conflict? Einstein once said that we can not solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it. Also Krisnamurti’s vision of the future was to raise our individual level of consciousness in order to transform the world. What does this mean to us in everyday life? We can very easily become affected by the barrage of negative influences that bombard us from the media and other systems that still adhere to a ‘yang’ state in which we become addicted to doing more, thinking more and focused on power and ego. Focusing on situations that seem painful and draining adds much of the same energy that created them. If we keep

I Don't Want to do Yoga Today

How many times have you said this to yourself? How many times have you justified this by noticing that Yoga can bring up so many negative emotions that you ask yourself how can it be a good thing? Or even, how come if yoga makes us feel like I am not able to accomplish the simplest of postures how can it benefit us? Facing these obstacles with a different attitude can often illuminate exactly the goal of yoga and move beyond the limitations of the mind. Perhaps this is exactly where our practice needs to be, accepting what is. Perhaps today we could accept everything that occurs without judging or without labeling, good or bad. Perhaps standing on our mat in samastitihi, finding our balance

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