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Ashtanga Masterclass

These Monthly Masterclass sessions allow greater focus and attention to key

details that is not allways possible in a class, they also give you the ooprtunity to work on particular aspects of practice. April’s Masterclass will use the Ashtanga sequence to open up key joints to allow the spine to open for back bending, Bringing movement and breath together with flow and grace. Pose by pose we will release tension behind the shoulder blades and in the neck. Also working deeply to release the psoas muscle, in preparation for working deeply with the spine. The psoas is key in stabilising the pelvis as it works with the buttock muscles, essential when exploring the backbends of both the primary and intermediate series.This results in lightness, physically and emotionally. Back bends in particular activate energy around the heart centre, correct and effective use of breath and bandhas can help clear emotional and physical resistance here.

£15 if you book before £20 on the day .

Sunday April 24th 12 – 2pm with Vicki Shields ( SYT) @ Inhale Yoga Studio Hale

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