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Rejuvenate + Restore

Dynamic Flow and Restorative Yoga suitable for all levels

With Vicki Shields

Sunday 15th January 12 - 2.30pm at Inhale Yoga Studio £25

A dynamic flow sequence to invigorate your system, releasing any stiffness from the holiday season with plenty of spinal twists to improve mobility and digestion, this will stimulate the circulation and get the energy flowing again. Attention to alignment to re-balance, helping any seasonal aches and pains, this combined with the power of your breath will open your body and aid the detoxification process.

Combining this Vinyasa Flow with restorative postures to open the hips, in a more restful and rejuvenating way. Longer held postures will give you time to savour the moment deepening the breath to return back to balance .

A long guided relaxation with breath work to release any blocked emotional tension sending you home feeling lighter and ready for the New Year.

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