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Ashtanga Masterclass

Sunday NOVEMBER 27th 12:00am – 2:00pm

With Vicki Shields (SYT)

Inhale Yoga Studio 17 Cecil Road, WA15 9NZ Hale, Cheshire,

November's Masterclass will use the Ashtanga sequence to open up key joints in the shoulder, whilst also building a strong connection to the core with the use of the breath, bandhas and dristhi. These monthly Masterclass sessions allow greater focus and attention to key details that is not always possible in a class..All postures beyond navasana test a deeper connection to bandhas and focus on lifting from the pelvic floor, particularly arm balances which then prepare us for inversions. Even those who have practiced Yoga before will be challenged with alignment and attention to the finer detail. Beginners to Ashtanga are welcome but this requires some experience of yoga asana as it will be a physically challenging class.

The Ashtanga Vinyasa Method is a very intelligent form of Yoga, opening the body pose by pose, helping to detoxify and to purify the entire nervous and circulatory systems. The repetition of the sequence gives us a discipline that helps to train and focusthe mind to move into a more meditative and focused asana practice,helping the body to become strong and the mind clear.

£15 if boked before Nov 21st or £20 on the day if space

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