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30 CPD hours Teachers Training in Pranayama & Meditation

Pranayama & Meditation

The practice of Pranayama; the ability to prolong and control the physical act of breathing, it is deeply therapeutic, and can be considered a tool to help you bring about physical health, increased awareness, calmness and clarity over one’s mind. It is the 4th limb of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga and therefore stands at the very heart of Yoga, and yet it is little understood and rarely taught in any depth in regular weekly classes.

Asana alone is rarely enough to achieve the state of “Yoga”. The practice of asana, pranayama and meditation should be integrated , they should inform and complement one another. A True Yoga practice should help develop the capacity to listen to your inner voice, drawing your attention back to the present moment away from the concerns of the past or future establishing harmony between body, mind and soul.

This workshop will give you everything you need to cultivate a daily practice ( 8 mins daily). It is primarily aimed at self-development but is open to teachers who want to deepen their knowledge and experience and further their practice. It offers 10 CPD hours, (eventually building up to 30 CPD). Cultivating enough understanding to eventually pass on into a class situation.

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