Janine Day Teacher

I have been a student of Yoga since 1999 when I first practiced Hatha yoga. I have studied a variety of yoga traditions until 2004 when I was introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa which has remained my primary practice. Over the years I have studied with and been taught by many leading local and international teachers including Yasmin Andrews, Sharath and Manju Jois, Davis Swenson, Mark Robberds, Lucy Crawford and John Scott. My dedication to and love of Ashtanga led me to become a Lucy and John Scott certified teacher. I have continued to study with Lucy Crawford and more recently become qualified in massage therapy to further deepen my understanding of body work.

My background is working with children and families who have experienced adverse life events and trauma.

I believe in making yoga accessible to all, more recently I have been teaching yoga to adults in prison and developing Teen Yoga programmes for small charities in Greater Manchester. I bring my interests and journey into my classes along with some humour and personality.