June 21, 2017

THURSDAYS 6:45pm -7:45pm only 

This 6 week Course starts Thursday 11th January at 6.45pm-7.45pm at £48 but for returning students only  £45 or £9 drop -in join me at Inhale Yoga Studio 17, Cecil Road Hale WA15 9NZ

The course uses the Vinyasa system, combining breath & movement to build core stability and alignment. Opening and refining the bre...

June 27, 2016

THURSDAYS 6:45pm -7:45pm

This 6 week Course starts Thursday 30th June at 6.45pm-7.45pm  at Inhale Yoga Studio 17, Cecil Road Hale WA15 9NZ

The Course  will build your strength, flexibility and connection to breath. It is open to complete beginners and will challenge and build any yoga practice with depth and integrity. The course will use the...

April 12, 2016

These Monthly Masterclass sessions allow greater focus and attention to key 

details that is not allways possible in a class, they also give you the ooprtunity to work on particular aspects of practice. April’s Masterclass will use the Ashtanga sequence to open up key joints to allow the spine to open for back bending, Bringing movement and breath together with...

March 2, 2016


This Months month's  Masterclassis focused on opening the hips and releasing the psoas muscle, The Psoas is one of the longest muscles in the body and by far the most important component of our deep internal core. A healthy psoas is the key to both structural physical ability and our emotional health. Finding and releasing the psoas will bring new freedom, eas...

February 3, 2016

I'm always asked if a student should or shouldn't do handstands. They seem to be the most popular pose right now having been integrated into some yoga sequences and classes through gymnastics which is great. They are also a great tool for gaining upper body strength especially in people who struggle with hyper mobility and upper body instability and help over c...

November 24, 2015

 How do we let go of situations in our life that feel racked with conflict? Einstein once said that we can not solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it. Also Krisnamurti’s vision of the future was to raise our individual level of consciousness in order to transform the world. What does this mean to us in everyday life? We can very easily...

November 24, 2015


How many times have you said this to yourself? How many times have you justified this by noticing that Yoga can bring up so many negative emotions that you ask yourself how can it be a good thing? Or even, how come if yoga makes us feel like I am not able to accomplish the simplest of postures how can it benefit us?

Facing these obstacles with a different attit...

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June 27, 2016